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Our New Ultrasound clinic is now open and taking bookings!

Being pregnant is one of the most exciting experiences in the world – so it’s no surprise that more and more parents are booking 4D scans and 3D scans. Instead of waiting 9 months, these ultrasound scans let you see your beautiful baby much sooner.

At our new clinic in Derby, you’ll be able to get a clear image of the baby you’ll be meeting in just a few months! Whether you opt for a 4D ultrasound scan or a 3D ultrasound scan, you’ll be able to see your baby’s face in all its glory – and who knows? It may even help you choose a name!

Our sonographers are able to put you at ease and get the best images of your baby, so when you leave the clinic, you know the adorable face that will be greeting you in a matter of months.

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The new clinic

Is run by qualified midwives and medical sonographers and is based inside little angels pram store Ilkeston. Offering early scans from 6 weeks gestation, gender scans from 15 weeks, growth scans, 2d 3D 4d scans, HD live specialists and the brand new silhouette technology. Blood tests, harmony tests, membrane sweeps, gbs testing, doula services, midwifery advice, growth scans, antenatal classes and baby weighing.

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To find out more or to arrange a 4D scan or a HD LIVE scan, call us now on 01159 441122 or fill out our contact form.

Find us on Bath Street in Derby

48 Bath Street
Tel: 01159 441122


Diagnostic/Abnormalities Pricing List

  • Nuchal Translucent scan £220Enquire
  • Growth scan £95Enquire
  • 20 week anomaly scan £110Enquire
  • Gynaecological scans £90Enquire
  • Harmony Testing £450Enquire

Fetal Anomaly Scan £110

18 weeks + 4days - 24 Weeks

The Anomaly scan is performed by a qualified, experienced midwife Sonographer specialised in this area.

*The scan will show fetal anatomy including lips, nose, legs, feet, heart, lungs, stomach, kidneys, bladders, umbilical cord and placenta.

*This ultrasound scan is very accurate but unfortunately it cannot diagnose 100% of congenital abnormalities. The only way to know for certain if  your baby has a chromosomal problem is to have a CVS or amniocentesis, these are invasive procedures and are performed at your chosen Maternity hospital. If any abnormalities are detected the significance of the findings will be discussed and you will be given a letter of referral and a clinical report.










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