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Miracle In Progress – Frequently Asked Questions

We at Miracle In Progress believe that the best time to have a scan is between 28 and 32 weeks gestation. However, to achieve good viewing results, will all depend upon the position of your baby at the time of your scan

What is a 4D scan?

A 4D scan is a self elected, non diagnostic scan. It is called a 4D scan because it happens in real time, so you are watching your baby move, yawn, suck his/her thumb and sometimes smile. Having the opportunity to see your unborn miracle is thought to help with the maternal bonding process before birth.

Is 4D scanning safe?

Three and four dimensional ultrasound has been extensively used for many years. It has not been shown to cause problems to either mum or baby and is therefore thought to be safe.

Are we looking for abnormalities?

No. we only provide self elected, non diagnostic scans. The only scan looking for abnormalities is the conventional ultrasound scan performed by the NHS at around 20 weeks gestation. This is a 2 dimensional scan specifically used to look for any abnormalities and is still seen to be the best method in detecting problems. The NHS sonographers dedicate their time identifying growth and development is within normal parameters.

What to expect

Your memorable 4D scan will enable you to identify your baby’s heart beat, check your baby’s position, see the gender of your baby if you wish to know and an opportunity for you to visualise your precious baby, giving you a unique and unforgettable 4D baby scan experience.

Is it always a successful scan?

Miracle In Progress will always try to obtain high standard images from your scan. However if we feel that the images gained are not of high standard due to your baby’s position, structural positions such as placenta or umbilical cord then you have the option of returning at a later date but pay full price regardless of the images gained at the following scan.

Gender of your baby

Prior to having your scan, we at Miracle In Progress ask for you to sign a consent form and inform us whether you would like to know the gender of your baby. Please be aware that if you do choose to know the sex of your baby it is never 100% guaranteed and the staff at Miracle In Progress will not be held responsible for the wrongly diagnosis of the gender of your baby. For those clients who wish not to know their baby’s gender then please be aware that during your scan it is sometimes unavoidable. However, we will do our very best to keep it a secret!

Effects of ultrasound

Ultrasound has been extensively used for many years. It has not been shown to cause problems to either mum or baby and is therefore thought to be safe. There is no current evidence of any biological risk to mother and foetus associated with obstetric ultrasound scans
(Obstetric ultrasound, biological effects and safety (no 160, june2005) SOGC clinical practice guidelines from JOGC

A copy of the British medical ultrasound society policy on safety is available in reception along with the health protection agency. Our scanner is serviced by G.E healthcare on an annual basis
We take safety very seriously and have adopted the A.L.A.R.A protocol when scanning, (as low as reasonably achievable ) as we have to abide by strict professional bodies, 3d,4d and HD live scans should be adopted to the ALARA policy and should not be scanned for longer than 20 minutes each time. When 2d anomaly scans and any diagnostic scans are carried out then these guidelines can be adapted to scan for a longer period due to the importance of looking for abnormalities in the baby.

If we are concerned about the health of yourself or baby then we have a referral policy to refer you to your booked hospital .

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